We are dedicated to helping farmers grow more with less. Our commitment is to significantly improve efficiencies of water and fertilizer usage for the protection of our environment. Our goal is to measurably increase farmers’ productivity and crop yields, and strengthen their operations. We aim to empower local communities and assist in delivering global food security.

Our sustainable optimized agriculture technology reduces growers’ risks and resolves the constant debate of when and how much to fertigate by communicating with the growth roots. By measuring physical and chemical changes in the root zone, our breakthrough technology analyses plants’ needs as they develop, and automatically delivers optimal levels of oxygen, water and nutrients.



Autoagronom’s systems sample and monitor, in real-time, the chemical and physical changes in the upper levels of the root zone. Using various sensors (tensiometers, oxygen, pH and conductivity, and Nitrate calculations) each system collects data from the soil; performs computerized analysis; and, by utilizing fuzzy-control algorithms, automatically activates irrigation and fertilization.

The use of ultra-low drip systems with numerous daily pulse irrigation intervals creates a wet area in the soil and capilary movement of the water. Moreover, oxygen levels in the soil are kept high, enabling optimal conditions in the root zone. This is achieved only by an advanced fertigation method, using the same (but less) water and fertilizer the grower uses.

Our services to our partner growers include optimizing hydraulic designs; turn-key project management; on-site and on-line agronomic monitoring capabilities; and 24/7 technical support, all based on many years of experience and agronomic know how. The results speak for themselves, with a significant increase in crop yields (up to 30%), and sustainable farming (reducing up to 50% water and 70% fertilizer).

AutoAgronom’s patented technology is the only system that:

  1. Calculates available oxygen in the root zone
  2. Automatically meets growth need as they develop
  3. Achieves unparalleled economic and environmental results

Furthermore, AutoAgronom offers a unique leasing model in which irrigation and fertilization are offered as a service, reducing growers’ risks, and assisting in their annual monetary management.

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