SAMSYS offers complete solutions for the management of agricultural machinery and equipment. Based in France, the startup focuses on:

  • Traceability of the interventions;
  • Optimization of the use of machinery;

Our solutions also allow to distribute the expenses of the use of the material among several co-owners.


Samsys-activity is a telemetry solution that records usage statistics for agricultural machinery and equipment. It comes with a waterproof housing which can be directly connected to the CAN-BUS network of the machine. The battery has autonomy for up to 600 hours of continuous use. Samsys is modular, and can be integrated seamlessly into existing hardware.

The Samsys-activity solution records all kinds of information, including the number of bullets formed, the number of working hours, the distance traveled, the surface worked the number of spreaders or excessive speeds and abnormal shocks.

Samsys makes it possible to distribute the loads as well as to quantify them in a simple manner.

The terminal has an optional screen and built-in buttons. At any time, users can consult values ​​memorized by the Samsys-activity counter. Moreover, users can browse through the history of these measurements via computer or smartphone.

Samsys targets intensive users of agricultural machinery, namely, farmers, agricultural concessionaires, cooperatives, etc.

First successes for Samsys

Founded in 2017, Samsys has already received two awards:

  • Winner of the Avnet Silica contest “Connecting the world 2017”
  • Jury’s Choice Award at the Agri StartUp Summit International Startup Contest

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